Sacramento Gold and Sonoma Sol Tie 3-3 in Season Opener!

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- What was promising to be a nothing less than a thriller, was exactly that! Sacramento Gold and Sonoma Sol finished a hard fought game in a 3-3 tie in front of an active crowd Saturday night.

After numerous Sacramento Gold near scoring attempts, Sonoma scored on their first shot on goal. The goal came in the 26th minute when Trevor Hurst received a ball at the top of the Gold goal box, turned and chipped in a shot beating an outstretched Gold keeper, John Connolly.

The game seemed to pick up tempo after the first goal and the Gold began attacking from both sides as Manolo Pina and Jason Jones were giving the Sol’s back line trouble. In the 37th minute, Pina took a pass down the left side of the field and took a shot that deflected off Sol keeper and was followed up by Jones for an instep finish tying the game at 1-1.

The Sacramento Gold hadn’t finished celebrating when on the kickoff, the Sol got a ball played in behind the Gold defensive line and and were on a breakaway that Ross Middlemiss finished clinically giving the Sol a 2-1 lead into half.

The second half picked up right where the first half ended as Pina once again took the ball down the line but this time on the right side and played a ball across the box that Elliot Chambers buried making it a 2-2 game.

Both teams battled at midfield and exchanged crosses and near through balls that were cut off giving fans lots to cheer about. It was in the 74th minute when Abrahm Prado crossed a ball to the back post and Jones once again found the back of the net on a instep volley out of the air giving the Gold a 3-2 lead.

It wasn’t but moments later that the Sol struck once again tying the game at 3 as Alexis Brito ran on to a cross on the ground by Sonoma in front of the goal.

The last 10 minutes of action was back and forth shots and crosses as both teams went after the win. The final whistle blew and ended the game in a stale mate. Future games will prove to be action packed as these two teams continue to entertain fans with the rivalry established years ago.

The Gold play next weekend in Oakland as they take on CD Aguiluchos USA.